Site Selection

Corporate Site Selection Services

  • Campanelli employs a comprehensive, one-stop system to manage a company's site selection process. We incorporate time-tested procedures to develop manufacturing, warehousing, research and development, office and medical office buildings.
  • Site selection is led by a company principal and orchestrated by a carefully selected team of highly skilled experts knowledgeable in the client's business.
  • Optimal client site selection is ensured by the "Campanelli System" which is fully customized for each client. We employ a highly communicative, timely and efficient process to ensure all likely sites are known, evaluated and acted upon within a predetermined schedule.

What we will do for your company:

Meet with client and listen carefully to obtain key client metrics, guidance parameters and project schedule.

Prepare action plan and determine key client criteria and goals:

  • Ideal location and preferred search regions: Identify location metrics including tangible and intangible influencing factors.
  • Ideal site development scheme: Prepare a master matrix listing all location and design parameters, infrastructure and site condition requirements that define the project.
  • Client's schedule: Will identify if weather constraints will impact costs.

Execute plan:

  • Conduct non-stop research of our multiple sources of available and "out-of-the-box" sites within the preferred search regions that match key client criteria -- extensive brokerage contacts, proprietary databases, city and town officials and state and quasi-state business development sources (such as MOBD, MassEcon and MOITI in Massachusetts).
  • Preferred search region analyses and presentations make it easy to visualize the viability of each site with state-of-the-art mapping technology identifying selected sites in relation to highway proximities, undesirable proximities, restricted truck routes and other issues specific to each client.
  • Create a customized client matrix on a single page showing top sites arrayed as follows:
    • Key client criteria
    • Pricing breakdowns by total amount, acreage, square feet and other criteria
    • Town / City / State available incentives
    • Operating costs: Real Estate tax rates, water and sewer rates, electric rates
    • Identify existing permits and those required
    • Incorporate client demographic analyses as requested
    • Other client specific information
  • Conduct ongoing preliminary site design and engineering test fits for selected site that best match the key client criteria highlighting potential challenges such as extraordinary site development costs, proximity issues or site access issues.
  • Meetings or conference calls with client on a set schedule or as required to finalize site selection.

Sale or Sale / Leaseback Negotiations:

  • Negotiate site purchase offer, Letter of Intent and purchase and sale
  • Negotiate site purchase and building leaseback

Permitting and Due Diligence:

  • Conduct pre- P & S due diligence
  • Conduct post- P & S permitting
  • Meetings / discussions with local and state officials as required
  • Provide preliminary site cost estimates

Design and Engineering Follow-Up:

  • Preliminary building architectural plans
  • Full site plan analysis and presentation of options
  • Site engineering analysis and recommendations
  • Pre-construction budgeting


"We are proud to have played a part of bringing such a talented and qualified development team to Western Massachusetts. Campanelli has a vision for this region and will bring a new standard in industrial park development to Westfield."

Austin Smith
Senior Vice President
Lincoln Property Company