Campanelli’s six decades of leasing success, quality acquisitions and value driven dispositions have been due in large part to our close working relationship with the commercial and industrial real estate brokerage advisory community. Our services are client-focused, comprehensive, resourceful, time sensitive, market savvy, and cutting edge, using the best qualified professionals at every level of each transaction.

Campanelli’s leasing, acquisition and disposition strategies achieve the client service and value creation objectives utilizing the highest industry standards by:

  • Working closely with the brokerage community in the acquisition and disposition of owned assets and compensating licensed brokers quickly for closed transactions at agreed upon market rates;
  • Driving the value of the Campanelli owned real estate properties by retaining 3rd party exclusive brokerage companies to lease available spaces in the shortest possible time, at optimal market rents and terms, to the most credible tenants; and
  • Providing comprehensive, corporate representation services for our built-to-suit and construction management clients seeking land or buildings for purchase or lease, or servicing the discrete disposition of client owned or leased assets.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide our very best services to new and past clients and to work cooperatively with the brokerage community to close transactions in a timely and efficient manner. This starts with the carefully orchestrated teamwork to generate well developed proposals that creatively and thoroughly respond to client RFP’s –always endeavoring to meet or exceed expectations ---- and include professionally prepared site plans, floor plans, finely tuned specifications, experienced based pricing and detailed project schedules.

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"Campanelli takes great pride in their impeccable record of delivering construction projects on time and on budget."

Jeff DeMarco
Campanelli Construction