Campanelli sees the preconstruction process as a way to value engineer a project before it even begins. Our pre-construction approach manifested with estimates, schedules, constructibility reviews and safe-guards against “scope creep” issues; fosters an efficient set of management measures and financial controls utilized throughout the construction process. We pride ourselves on delivering the most thorough assessments of materials and building’s cost with honesty and integrity. We are meticulous in exceeding a client’s expectations from project conception to finish.

Our team of highly skilled professionals also understands that recent economic conditions sometimes require more creative financing options, and we offer multiple approaches to the pricing and delivery of a successful project:

  • "Cost Plus" for the client who wants to lock in the fee using the traditional method for calculating costs.
  • "Lump Sum" for the business who wants to settle on the entire cost up front, in order to simplify their budgeting and billing processes during construction.
  • "GMP" for the client who wants to actively participate in spending decisions over the course of the project and bring it in under a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Five keys to Campanelli Preconstruction Success:

1. Site Evaluation

  • Initiate a detailed site due diligence study to determine the physical and code related site challenges including environmental and geotechnical assessments
  • Perform local, state and federal code analyses to help identify site related issues and devise solutions for their mitigation
  • Prepare preliminary site design studies using a typical and proven format

2. Preliminary Design & Budgeting

  • Perform local, state and federal code analyses to help identify any site related issues and devise solutions for their mitigation
  • Establish preliminary bidding and budget guidelines

3. Value Engineering

  • Evaluate and evaluate the use of alternative design concepts, construction materials and methods of execution in order to deliver the finest and most cost-effective project to the client

4. Permitting

  • Apply for and manage the process of securing all necessary project entitlements and releases

5. Final Design, Budgeting & Scheduling

  • Orchestrate the final bidding exercise for all necessary trades
  • Prepare and coordinate final design, budget and scheduling
  • Present a clear and concise document package for client approval


"Once again, Campanelli successfully identified the business needs of its tenants and provided them with greater amenities and high quality services."

Jim Elcock
Executive Vice President
Colliers International