Construction Jobs in Massachusetts

Current Open Positions:

Construction Superintendent
The Construction Superintendent acts in the capacity on-site Construction Manager for assigned construction project overseeing the daily construction activities on the jobsite and reports to upper Management on same. Position is a travelling position to be based on-site in a trailer in the location of the project, which will be MIAMI and JACKSONVILLE, Florida. Potential for further employment for Superintendents willing to travel. Position expected to start mid-December. Click here for LinkedIn description

For more information on these openings, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Darlene Conners.

Accepting Resumes for Future Consideration:

Campanelli will happily accept your application for a position within any department at our company for confidential consideration and to maintain on file if a position is not open at that time. Campanelli actively seeks applications for the following positions:

Project Executives
The Project Executive (PE) makes initial contact with prospective clients and is responsible for project oversight from conception through closeout.  The PE estimates projects, formulates budgets, and works with clients and architects to bring project conception to the construction stage.  The PE is responsible for overseeing several project managers and projects at a time.  The PE is the highest level of management in the construction department, below the President.

Site Superintendents (both local and traveling)
The Site Superintendent acts in the capacity of the on-site Construction Manager for assigned construction projects, overseeing the daily construction activities on the jobsite and reports to upper Management on the same duties.  The Superintendent oversees and manages daily jobsite construction activities, leads and directs the work of subcontractors, oversees the progress of projects, and oversees on-site Safety policy enforcement.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, would like to apply for a different position within the company, or are interested in any current or future positions matching your qualifications, please forward your resume and we will review and keep it on file for a period of one year in the event that an opening should arise.

Please forward a resume for consideration to:

Darlene S. Conners
Director of Human Resources
One Campanelli Drive
Braintree, MA 02184

Phone: 781.849.1440
Direct Fax: 781.844.9145

Campanelli is an Equal Opportunity Employer.